8 Weeks of Code

A bit late…..as usual haha… But this summer I spent 8 weeks at Wycliffe Associates(WA) in Orlando, FL. The internship was called 8WOC -> 8 Weeks of Code!

If you don’t know what any of this means let me quickly explain! WA is trying to make a Bible available in every language by 2025. The coding comes in because it is a Bible Translator made from scratch. So, they’re building it from the bottom up.

There were 8 of us interns in total for 8WOC. The 7 worked on coding for the Bible Translator, while I followed them around Monday-Saturday with cameras. Occasionally I’d shoot interviews as well! I ended up making 4 videos and a blooper reel too of course!

It was so cool to be able to capture, make, and produce something for a real company and not just school! I learned A LOT, that is for sure!!

Besides working, Glenn (our boss) had Saturday activities in Florida planned for us all! We got to almost complete an Escape Room, try shuffleboard, go air-boating among the alligators, went mini golfing in the Fantasia Gardens, and kayaking the first week, and more! Then on Sunday evenings we would all get together to play games, like Flux. I honestly probably would’ve never played these games if it hadn’t been for this internship!

We were also given bikes for the internship, so it was nice to bike almost every night around town. A lot of us interns would also get together after work to play volleyball, go swim, watch movies, make food and just chill. We all got along, which made the internship that much more enjoyable. But sadly made it go by too fast! I will forever treasure the friendships I have with you all! Reunion soon?!

Also, after being away in Europe for 6 months and not really having any Christian friends and encouragement of my faith there, it was nice to reconnect with Jesus and be with people who believed the same thing. It helped me realize how much I need(ed) that community of Christians in my life.

Here are some pictures from the internship!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until Later. Xxx

P.s. if you ever want to know more about my internship and what/how it was, feel free to ask me, I looovveee talking about the opportunity I had this summer!


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