Later Lincoln

I don’t even know where to start. I’m sat here in bed at 1:30am trying to recap my semester abroad and being in denial that it is over.

I’ve learned more about myself and didn’t think that was even possible. It’s amazing how much I still have yet to learn or relearn. I know I’ve grown so much from this experience and hope to use it to continue growing in life.

Along with learning about myself, I made friends from all over the world. I know these friendships will last forever. While it may have been hard at first to connect with people, in the end I made friendships that changed my life. But, once I bought my ticket this week to leave Lincoln it made things more real, I knew when I was leaving everyone and everything behind now. You don’t know how many times I have cried this week because I’ve realized that and had to say goodbye to so many treasured friends. No matter how many goodbyes you say, they never get easier. I know for myself sometimes I try to make them quick and less emotional so I can focus my emotions on other things in my life and be strong for myself. That may be so, but the emotions will always pop up and I never stop missing people and places, it just becomes a bit easier at times….if that makes sense.

I’ve seen more places of this world then I ever thought I would in my life. It has really opened my eyes to how different living is in certain countries and/or cities compared to America and Switzerland. For one, I noticed when coming to the UK is how many homeless people there were on the streets begging for money and trying to stay warm. I grew up in a small town and had never seen that in my life, so it was quite shocking. I always hear of it and seeing it just made homelessness that more real to me. It’s so sad, especially when you can’t really do anything and start to wonder how they ended up there.

But onto other things.

Things I’ll miss:

  1. New friends
  2. No daily homework
  3. Traveling somewhere new frequently-thank you for railcards and easyjet for cheap flights
  4. Didn’t think I’d say this but….Props and The Swan
  5. Being able to walk everywhere
  6. Cheap groceries
  7. Of course the accents too
  8. Having my own bedroom w/bathroom&shower
  9. Being closer to my parents and being able to see them more

Court 17 Apt. 5 – Where I sometimes spent a lot of time and lived. I am going to miss having had such awesome flatmates. I was super nervous that no one would talk to me or we wouldn’t get along. That didn’t happen at all. They were super welcoming, sweet, and nice. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better flatmates. I’ll miss our kitchen chats.

Radio Group- You guys were honestly the first British students to talk to me in class and I am so glad you guys did! Y’all are super awesome, made going to class fun, had some good nights out, and just chilling. For those taking Radio in the fall you better send me the links to your shows, I can’t wait to listen to them!!! Good luck!

To all my European friends just know if you’re ever in Minnesota or America at all, be sure to let me know!!

International Students- Y’all already know how much you mean to me! So glad we had each other along this journey! Can’t wait for our reunion, wherever it will be. Love you all to pieces!

And thank you Europe for letting me see more of you, I hope to be back soon and see more of you!

Until Later. Xxx



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