Patience & more

Over this first year I have been living in El Paso, TX, I have learned a lot about patience.

I would like to say I am a fairly patient person, but I can see now I still have work to do.

Patience finding a Job

When I first moved here I thought I would find a job no problem, especially since El Paso is a large city – the largest I have ever lived in. I was searching online, handing out resumes and friends were sending me job opportunities. Either the business was not hiring, I did not like the job or I was waiting for something better. I imagined myself landing a job at a magazine or a company where I could take pictures, write stories and take care of their social media.

During the first few months I had the hope and patience to look for a job and reach out to others. After awhile though, I got frustrated and was wondering why God was making me wait so long to find a job.

Sometime after Christmas I finally found two jobs and was hired by Sam’s Club and my church’s nursery. It wasn’t what I hoped for, but it paid the bills and the people were nice! Praise God.

Shortly after, I quit Sam’s right before places were shut down because of COVID and not long after the nursery was closed due to COVID as well.

While that happened I continued to search and apply for other jobs. I could see a change in my patience with finding a job and with God. Before I was quick to get frustrated, mad and just wonder why I could not find a job and if God was hearing me. I knew I could and can always trust God, I just needed to actually trust Him. I think it is easy to hold onto things we pray for and not always completely trust God in those times, sometimes even trusting on worldly possessions or people. I highly believe this affects our attitude towards life, ourselves, others and God as well. When we completely trust in God we know He is in complete control. We just sometimes need to wait and be patient, whether that be 1 day, 3 weeks, 1 year or 15 years. I know that is easier said than done.

I have now been blessed by God with the best job as a manager for Philia Coffee Community & Wine Bar.

Patience in Relationships

Lately in my quiet time I have read about anger and not being quick to anger.

I have never been an angry person. Honestly, I remember one time in high school I only raised my voice once when I was around all my friends. They all thought I was angry and were shocked to see me raise my voice. I thought that was kind of funny. Especially since I was not mad, I was just trying to be stern and serious about a situation.

Sometimes if we are stressed or think someone should understand us the first time, that causes a lot of quick to anger moments. That is when we need to be most patient and gracious with one another. I know I have fallen into that a few times.

The most important part is to realize we are not being patient or are quick to anger in certain situations. By realizing, we can prevent it from happening in the future. It does not hurt to say “I am sorry” as well. I don’t know about you, but when I am not patient or am quick to anger with someone I feel crummy and I know they probably do too.

Take Away

I guess all I am trying to say is be kind to one another. Work on yourself and lift one another up. Encourage each other, be patient and be slow to anger. Understand each and every one of us are completely and uniquely made in the eyes of God. We are all going to think, understand and process differently.

As I am starting my managing role I know this will help me a lot to understand and work with my team.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Proverbs 16:24

Kind words are as a honeycomb sweet to the soul and healing to the body.

Until Later. Xxx


Blessed in this Mess

Here are some the things I am blessed to have and have to ability to do during this “mess.” I think it is always good to remind ourselves what we have been blessed with. Sometimes we just get too caught up in the hustle and bustle.

  1. For shelter > thankful I have a roommate at home, otherwise I’d be going crazy
  2. Continuous safety and protection from God
  3. My boyfriend, who takes care of me and gets me groceries
  4. My family and friends > thank goodness for video chat
  5. Virtual discipleship, Bible study and church
  6. Foooooooooooooood
  7. I can job search from home
  8. I have ways to entertain myself: movies/tv shows, books, crafts, making blogs, working on photography, etc.
  9. Time
  10. The earth is healing
  11. Learning new things: Coding, more Spanish
  12. I can sit outside and enjoy the sun

What are you thankful/blessed for during this time and always?

I thank God for all of these things and more. I should thank Him more often. He always provides, sometimes we just need a different perspective.

Until Later. Xxx

Livin' down South, Yeehaw!


I just realized it has been almost a year since I have posted a blog….YIKES!

So I here I am redeeming myself and my blog.

I have been living in Texas now for 7 months. A lot has happened since moving here.

I am literally surrounded by mountains. I never thought I’d be in the land of deserts, ha! They are so beautiful, along with the sunsets.

Since I have moved multiple times in my life I thought moving to El Paso would be a breeze. But, when you don’t have a job for 6 months, nothing is familiar, your family and close friends aren’t nearby, and are adapting to hearing Spanish everyday it catches up to you mentally for sure. I’m just glad God blessed me with a very patient, encouraging and supportive boyfriend to help me through all of this.

At the Kino in Switzerland, watching Jumanji 2

After 4 months of living here and no job my dad texted me. He wanted to surprise my mom and sister by having me come over for Christmas…and take my wisdom teeth out. So, I ended up going for a month, since I didn’t have a job. God knew I needed this time to just be with family and recharge more than I knew. After my fun time there, I was refreshed mentally, physically, and spiritually, and was ready to go back home. I was ready to tackle the dreaded job hunting once more, with a positive attitude.

I started applying to any place that was hiring and waiting to hear back. I also went to talk to my pastor to see if he knew of any places hiring. I finally got two interviews in February. One at Sam’s Club and another at my church’s nursery. I was offered both jobs. I worked at Sam’s for almost a month, but then quit because they wanted me to have open availability. I didn’t really like the job either, to be honest. I continued working at my church’s nursery. It’s super fun to work there. Now that church is closed for 2 weeks, I can’t work there for the time being. I was also supposed to start at the Chihuahuas Stadium (for sports), but all the games have been pushed back. So, I’m still searching for jobs.

LinkedIn Opportunities

Despite all of that, I’ve had some unique and cool opportunities come up through LinkedIn.

The first week of March I received a text from a guy on LinkedIn. He said he and his team needed help capturing photos at the Eastwood 15th Fred Loya Track Invitational. I had never taken sports pictures, but I went for it! I even got to use their equipment.

Long jump at the track invitational

It was really hard, since in track they are constantly moving. I know I still have much to learn for sports photography, but it was a good learning experience. After the track meet they trusted me enough to take pictures of Fred Loya’s grandson playing in his high school baseball game. This was easier, as I had one target and it didn’t move as much. It was really fun! I even ended up getting sunburnt.

Second Opportunity

One night I was scrolling through LinkedIn trying to find photographers in the El Paso area. I found a lady who had photography listed as a skill. She even owns her own branding company. I decided to add her.

The next morning I had a message from her saying: “it was nice to meet you.” I decided I’d reply. I asked if there were any opportunities or internships open at her company. SHE SAID YES! So, we exchanged information and went from there. I already had my first proofreading/editing assignment. I’m super excited to see where this goes. This is definitely a prayer answered!

And Now?

Currently Juan is working from home, so I get to see him every day. While he works, I try to work on my photography, looking for jobs and/or learning new skills. I am in the beginnings of starting my own photography business, Sandmeier Photography, as well. Juan is working on coding a website for me, it’s looking amazing so far. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I’m just looking to get more experience at the moment and grow my portfolio.



Juan is super close to finishing his new app, Build Up. So, be on the look out for that!

Juan’s new app to come!


With everyone working from home and the nice weather, we’ve also been trying to get outside every day, exercise and just enjoy God’s beauty.

I feel like I am finally starting to feel connected to El Paso.

We’re just living day by day trusting in the Lord.


I’ve also started discipleship with a woman at my church. Discipleship is when you meet one-on-one or in a group with a mature believer of Christ.

Currently we are going through a three part book learning the basics of Bible memorization, giving your testimony, having quiet time (prayer and spending time in the Word) and so forth. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone about Jesus, growing my relationship with him and just having that encouragement, wisdom and guidance.

Until Later. Xxx

Time is slipping away, new adventures are coming

I graduate in 8 days. E-I-G-H-T DAYS!!! …okay I still have to take two online courses this summer to officially graduate, but I’ll still be walking at graduation.

Reasons I’m sad to be graduating:

1.) I have to leave all of my friends I’ve made over the 4 years. 2.) I have to leave my knowledgeable and awesome professors. 3.) I can’t take a whole summer or random days to travel anymore. 4.) I’m leaving the city I’ve been able to call home over the 4 years.

BUT WAIT….there is a lot to be excited about after graduation.

In April two different small-town newspaper companies in North Dakota reached out to me.

My professor had sent my and one other student’s information out to newspapers in North Dakota. It had been a month and we still hadn’t heard from anyone. Finally one morning I got an email from the Journal in Crosby, ND. I immediately set up a time to call that week. Later that day a newspaper in Linton, ND emailed me. I had some free time that afternoon, so I called him straight away. The next day I talked with the other company. I think I already knew my decision before even calling her. Once I told her I had talked to another company she tried to sell her company to me like it was nobody’s business.

That Friday I called the Linton location to give my decision: I would like the internship if it is still available. His response: You are hired.

That was easier then I had thought. Linton will be my new home for the next couple of months. I’m excited to find out how it is working at a weekly newspaper company.

Reason 1 I’m excited to graduate: Offered and accepted internship at Emmons County Record

Graduating of course also means, no more homework! I’m so glad to have no more tests to study for and to cram the knowledge of 5 different classes in my head a semester. I’m ready to find my passion.

Reason 2 I’m excited to graduate: No more homework and school

Reason 3 I’m excited to graduate: Ready to find my passion job


Juan and I hiking in El Paso!

My boyfriend, Juan, lives in El Paso, TX. We’ve been long distant dating for almost a year now. It will be one year in July!! Thankfully we’ve been able to visit each other over the year and video chat lots. He’ll be flying up next Wednesday for my graduation!! I’m so excited!

Once I finish my internship this August and my lease is up Juan will fly back to Fargo. We will be road-tripping down to El Paso. I AM OFFICIALLY MOVING DOWN TO TEXAS!!!! Just me, Juan, and whatever fits into my vehicle. I still need to find my own apartment and job, but those are minor details. I’m so happy Juan and I will finally not have to long distant date!

Reason 4 I’m excited to graduate: I get to road-trip and move to El Paso with my boyfriend!!!!!!

View of El Paso

My summer is going to start with an adventure and end with a new one. I’m excited to see what my internship will have in store for me. I hope to learn more about the news/media world.

I am beyond psyched to road-trip to El Paso with my boyfriend. It’s going to be an adventurous 22 hours. I’m so excited for these doors that God has opened for me. I am anxiously waiting to see where they take me/us. But more importantly to enjoy the time in the “hallway” more.

Until Later. Xxx

Is Spring coming?

It is already March, which means 2 to 2 1/2 more months left of school. I will be walking at graduation in May and then finishing up my last two college courses ever in the summer.

How I am feeling right now:

  1. Nervous – I don’t know what kind of job I will be doing after graduating.
  2. Joy – for being so close to finishing college.
  3. Ready – I can’t wait to be done with homework and for a Monday-Friday type of job.
  4. Motivated (but not) – I am also sick of nights and days filled with homework. I know it will all, mostly, help me in getting into my career, but some days it just all piles up and is a pain to even think of starting. But I am motivated to see everything come together. I will keep trying my best to work through everything to get across that stage at graduation and jump into my “adult” job, whatever it may be.

53541046_2168721639874401_1263980691637403648_nOne of my professors, Deneen, said every time after Spring Break she could tell who the graduating students were because they would just talk and talk and talk in class and went into the known senior slide. I do confess I can feel the senior slide a little bit, but I really want to end the year with my best grades yet. It’s my strand of hope to hold onto for motivation. Okay, maybe I am being a little dramatic, but after 15-16 years of school you can only have so much more motivation to do homework.


Warm Thoughts: 

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-20 at 22.22.30

Let me steer away from school for a bit. My older sister just got married in February, I can’t believe it! It was such a fun day of celebration! I can’t wait for the pictures of the wedding to be done! Kera and Thomas have now moved into their place, in Florida. Kera just got a job too, exciting! While I am sad they aren’t nearby, I can’t wait to see where the next adventure in Florida takes them. I know they are going to go far. Plus, now I have a place to stay when I want to go to the Harry Potter World. 😉 At least they can soak up the sun for us while we bear the cold and snow for another couple months.

Speaking of warm states, I finally get to go to Texas to visit my boyfriend. I am so pumped!! I even get to be there for my birthday, so that will be nice. I am excited to be able to see the town and compare it to how I’ve been thinking how it looks like in my head. I can’t wait to meet all of his friends either. It’ll have been two months since I’ve seen him last, once I go in April. So, not as bad as the four months we had to go without seeing each other. But knowing April is so close makes it harder to contain my excitement and to be patient. I just want to be there already!

Springing Forward and Resolutions

Well the clocks have finally changed an hour ahead, does that mean spring will actually be here? Will the snow ever stop? Hopefully all the snow won’t cause any big problems this spring though.

I am trying to keep up with my resolutions I talked about in a post or two I wrote before this one. I did delete Instagram for a month and I did notice I spent less time on my phone and social media in general. I did download it again recently. I think I might delete it again though and the Facebook app.

I notice whenever I am bored I go for my phone, when in reality I could be more productive with my time, like doing homework. Plus, I feel like I just feel better mentally not being on my phone all the time. So, if you have troubles being on your phone too much or just turning to it when you’re bored I want you to try deleting an app that makes you go for your phone in those times. Let me know how it goes!

Also, if nicer weather is coming our way I am hoping to get my camera out again. I miss taking pictures and seeing my skills grow. I am trying to save up for a new camera, preferably one with video and still. I did do some research on mirrorless vs. DSLR, which was really interesting. I think I will stick with DSLR for now. If any of you have any recommendations please let me know!!

Spring Break will officially end today. Did you guys do anything fun, leave your comments down below. Good luck getting back into a normal routine tomorrow!

Until Later. Xxx


Hahaha I totally forgot to post my blog post in the fall….let alone completely finish it….so I will just start a new one and hopefully be able to cram most everything in it.

Fall Semester&New Church Recap:

I finished my last ever fall semester!!! I can’t believe I am already in my fourth and last year of college. Why does time move so fast? Sadly, I was taking a class last semester that I found out half way through the semester wasn’t counting for any credits….what’s done is done I guess. It was Greek Mythology, so it was still rather interesting, but it would have been nice to have counted for my credits. It did however give me a chance to get to know someone I went to high-school with again.

I have found a church that I absolutely love! I am just still having a hard time connecting with people. I had joined a Bible study in the fall and loved it from the beginning. But as time went on, I just couldn’t feel myself connecting with the other girls in the group. You see, from 7:00pm to about 7:30-8:00 we’d have supper and icebreaker games, but I had class during that time, so I’d usually miss that, making it not as easy to get to know


others. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I am around people and I feel like they all know and are comfortable with each other I feel awkward and left out. I know most of the time I should just ignore those feelings and just start talking and try to make friends, but I feel like I can just be so awkward at times or think they don’t want to talk to me. Those are the times I need step out of my comfort zone and into my faith. But it’s not always that easy. So, I’m hoping when College Bible Study starts again this Spring semester I will be able to get to know the people more and feel more comfortable. I also want to get more involved at church and volunteer, hopefully my college schedule will permit me to do so.

I have 21 credits left to take to graduate. That is too much for my brain to handle in one semester, so I’ll be taking a couple in the summer ( which I still need to figure out since they don’t put the summer course list out until April. I don’t understand why.), but I am hoping to still walk in the Spring. I just need to turn in my graduation application. So, I won’t know if the classes are offered for the summer, so if they aren’t one more Fall semester here I come ha, but hopefully not. I will be taking five classes, so 16 credits this Spring. Two of them are writing intensive courses and both online. I haven’t taken an online course yet in my college career, so I hope they go fairly well. I will also be taking my last ever German college course. I am actually really sad about that. While I’m still not fluent in Deutsch or speak with perfect grammar, I have taken away so much. Plus Herr Clark is my favorite college professor. I will be sad to say goodbye. He always makes class a good environment to learn in. I always want to go to class and learn, even if some days I understand almost nothing and stress out on how I am going to keep my Deutsch up.

I passed all of my classes with flying colors last semester. I’m very proud of myself. Since I will be taking classes this summer (hopefully) I am looking into finding another internship to hone my skills.


One of my roommates, Linnea, moved out. We’ve been bedroom buddies for a solid 2-3yrs. She will be doing student teaching in other cities, so that is why she moved out. Speaking of Linnea, she is getting married in June!! And she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, I am so pumped….I may or may not have cried when she asked me. We got our bridesmaid dresses in December! We are all so excited for the wedding!!!

And speaking of weddings, my sister, Kera, is getting married in less than a month!!!!!!! Ahhhh I can’t believe it has come up so fast. I still need to take my dress in to get altered. Next week is her bachelorette party! We are all pumped, hopefully she likes what we have planned for her! Sometimes it is weird to think my sister can get married and we are growing up, but that’s life I guess.

Christmas Break:

49509435_576764649461286_1563738214550732800_n (2)Over Christmas I got to see my boyfriend and his family in Cancun. I hadn’t seen Juan for four months, so it was soooo nice to see him, if only for a little over a week. I even got to surprise him. I got him good, I can tell you that! I learned some more Spanish, enjoyed warm weather, got knocked over by waves at the ocean, volunteered a couple days to help make meal packages for families on Christmas Eve, ate homemade tamales, went to church, learned how to play chess and just chilled.

The last day we all went to the pool and I decided to throw his younger sister in the pool, it backfired. I ended up slamming my knee into the tile. I looked down it wasn’t bleeding, but then I heard Juan and his siblings say it started to, and wouldn’t you know, it did. I got up, barely making it back to the house cause it hurt so bad to walk on it. It still hurts sometimes. The next day, the day of my flight home, my flight was delayed. So, we stayed at home an extra hour, but once we got to the airport no one was at check in and I couldn’t even use the self check in services. There should have been someone there, we made it 2hrs before the flight. So, I kept calling the airline and Juan’s parents were talking to people for information. No one had an answer and the lady on the phone was so sure that someone would come down to the desk. Finally 20mins before my flight was supposed to depart we got someone to come down. I got my boarding pass and we ran for security. I said goodbye and rushed on my way. I am so out of shape. I asked to cut people in line because you never know what can delay you at security. I made it through speed time and kept running to my gate, almost dying and sweating but still hanging on. I made it to my gate and the people at the desk were like yeah we are going to start boarding in 5mins. So, I had made it with time to spare, hallelujah, God is good! What I’ve learned from this: I can never leave Cancun without some sort of delay and that I need to work on my endurance more….gym here I come.


Well, I started German class on Thursday and start the rest on Monday. I already have a PowerPoint due Tuesday. Oh how I did not miss homework. I started working again this weekend with the Box Office, it was an eventful night for sure this evening. I keep forgetting to call to get my car looked at, but otherwise I am just gliding through life until it gets hectic again once Monday hits me in the face.


Even though I know things are going to get hectic and crazy, I really want to put more time into my passions. I am going to write my resolutions and what I always thrive to work on no matter the time of year in this blog post to keep me accountable.

whatsapp image 2019-01-01 at 00.08.09

I honestly didn’t really think too much about resolutions this year until I met up with my friend, Alyssia who had. It’s always to set goals and to see how far you come.

  • I want to learn more about cameras and have a more functional blog site.
  • I want to save money for a good laptop to edit videos on and start editing my personal projects.
  • I want to have more intentional time with God and just take a step deeper into my faith.
  • I want spend less time on social media and my phone.
  • I want to be more present.
  • Be healthier.
  • Save up for a cello.
  • Give my 110%.
  • Invite friends to church and get more connected.
  • Make world travel plans.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions or your all time goals? We can always keep each other accountable. Good luck and a Happy New Year everyone.

Until Later. Xxx

8 Weeks of Code

A bit late… usual haha… But this summer I spent 8 weeks at Wycliffe Associates(WA) in Orlando, FL. The internship was called 8WOC -> 8 Weeks of Code!

If you don’t know what any of this means let me quickly explain! WA is trying to make a Bible available in every language by 2025. The coding comes in because it is a Bible Translator made from scratch. So, they’re building it from the bottom up.

There were 8 of us interns in total for 8WOC. The 7 worked on coding for the Bible Translator, while I followed them around Monday-Saturday with cameras. Occasionally I’d shoot interviews as well! I ended up making 4 videos and a blooper reel too of course!

It was so cool to be able to capture, make, and produce something for a real company and not just school! I learned A LOT, that is for sure!!

Besides working, Glenn (our boss) had Saturday activities in Florida planned for us all! We got to almost complete an Escape Room, try shuffleboard, go air-boating among the alligators, went mini golfing in the Fantasia Gardens, and kayaking the first week, and more! Then on Sunday evenings we would all get together to play games, like Flux. I honestly probably would’ve never played these games if it hadn’t been for this internship!

We were also given bikes for the internship, so it was nice to bike almost every night around town. A lot of us interns would also get together after work to play volleyball, go swim, watch movies, make food and just chill. We all got along, which made the internship that much more enjoyable. But sadly made it go by too fast! I will forever treasure the friendships I have with you all! Reunion soon?!

Also, after being away in Europe for 6 months and not really having any Christian friends and encouragement of my faith there, it was nice to reconnect with Jesus and be with people who believed the same thing. It helped me realize how much I need(ed) that community of Christians in my life.

Here are some pictures from the internship!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until Later. Xxx

P.s. if you ever want to know more about my internship and what/how it was, feel free to ask me, I looovveee talking about the opportunity I had this summer!

Later Lincoln

I don’t even know where to start. I’m sat here in bed at 1:30am trying to recap my semester abroad and being in denial that it is over.

I’ve learned more about myself and didn’t think that was even possible. It’s amazing how much I still have yet to learn or relearn. I know I’ve grown so much from this experience and hope to use it to continue growing in life.

Along with learning about myself, I made friends from all over the world. I know these friendships will last forever. While it may have been hard at first to connect with people, in the end I made friendships that changed my life. But, once I bought my ticket this week to leave Lincoln it made things more real, I knew when I was leaving everyone and everything behind now. You don’t know how many times I have cried this week because I’ve realized that and had to say goodbye to so many treasured friends. No matter how many goodbyes you say, they never get easier. I know for myself sometimes I try to make them quick and less emotional so I can focus my emotions on other things in my life and be strong for myself. That may be so, but the emotions will always pop up and I never stop missing people and places, it just becomes a bit easier at times….if that makes sense.

I’ve seen more places of this world then I ever thought I would in my life. It has really opened my eyes to how different living is in certain countries and/or cities compared to America and Switzerland. For one, I noticed when coming to the UK is how many homeless people there were on the streets begging for money and trying to stay warm. I grew up in a small town and had never seen that in my life, so it was quite shocking. I always hear of it and seeing it just made homelessness that more real to me. It’s so sad, especially when you can’t really do anything and start to wonder how they ended up there.

But onto other things.

Things I’ll miss:

  1. New friends
  2. No daily homework
  3. Traveling somewhere new frequently-thank you for railcards and easyjet for cheap flights
  4. Didn’t think I’d say this but….Props and The Swan
  5. Being able to walk everywhere
  6. Cheap groceries
  7. Of course the accents too
  8. Having my own bedroom w/bathroom&shower
  9. Being closer to my parents and being able to see them more

Court 17 Apt. 5 – Where I sometimes spent a lot of time and lived. I am going to miss having had such awesome flatmates. I was super nervous that no one would talk to me or we wouldn’t get along. That didn’t happen at all. They were super welcoming, sweet, and nice. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better flatmates. I’ll miss our kitchen chats.

Radio Group- You guys were honestly the first British students to talk to me in class and I am so glad you guys did! Y’all are super awesome, made going to class fun, had some good nights out, and just chilling. For those taking Radio in the fall you better send me the links to your shows, I can’t wait to listen to them!!! Good luck!

To all my European friends just know if you’re ever in Minnesota or America at all, be sure to let me know!!

International Students- Y’all already know how much you mean to me! So glad we had each other along this journey! Can’t wait for our reunion, wherever it will be. Love you all to pieces!

And thank you Europe for letting me see more of you, I hope to be back soon and see more of you!

Until Later. Xxx


The Last Adventures

Well I have been done with school since the first week of May and have been taking advantage of being in Europe before I leave.

After I handed my last project in I got ready to head to London and meet up with my parents. We spent two wonderful days in London and a half day in Lincoln. We got to see Kew Gardens, Hyde Park, finally went on a double decker bus, saw the London eye, went on the Thames River….and still didn’t see half of what we wanted to. Another trip will have to be in order for sure. Sadly, the Big Ben is under construction so we couldn’t really see it in its true beauty. Which, means another trip will hopefully happen down the road. Hopefully this time the rest of the family can join too!

Never did I think I would be showing my parents around England, instead of hanging out in Fargo/MN. So, weird/cool how things work out.

If you didn’t already know from all my posts on Facebook I was able to travel with some friends to Brighton, Edinburgh(in Scotland), Cleethorpes and the Netherlands.

I’ve always wanted to go to Brighton ever since my favorite YouTubers Zoe and Alfie 32667506_1851969714866774_3793617571719151616_nmoved there…..and to be by the sea and have fish and chips. Sadly, I didn’t see either of them in town, Zoe and Alfie that is. But, there was an Art festival going on that we didn’t know about. We ended up going to go see this play called Coat. It was amazing! I always have a hard time explaining to people where I am from. Do I say America or Switzerland?-which country do I identify myself with more, which one do you call home, etc. The poet, Yomi Sode, who put on the play, held a Q&A afterwards. Many people in the room felt what I was feeling, same with the poet himself. It’s nice to know that people out there have more then one country they can call home and know how you feel. It is hard to explain or to find people who understand everything, especially to understand how it is to live a whole country away from your parents. It really is something I feel you have to experience to really understand how others feel in these types of situations. Honestly living in two countries, now 3 if you count England, has helped me grow so much and open my mind. What I’ve realized from this is how close-minded people can still be and that can be frustrating. But, we all go through our own experiences in our own time and grow from those and each other. If we share what we are going through you never know what you might learn from yourself and/or others. This play was exactly what I needed to hear to remind myself of this.

But, back to traveling now. Here are some cool things I got to see/eat at and recommend you to check out if you ever get the chance to:

  1. Dum Dum Donuts….I had a strawberry cheesecake filled donut, best thing ever!
  2. The North Laine in Brighton
  3. The Brighton Pier….if you are a thrill seeker go on the Booster!
  4. Mexican Hot Chocolate at La Choza
  5. Edinburgh Castle-a little spendy, but worth it.
  6. Climb to Arthur’s seat.
  7. The National Museum of Scotland-they honestly have everything from history, to the sea, to interactive exhibits…and it’s free!
  8. A FREE Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh of where J.K. Rowling found her inspiration for her books. 10/10 recommend.
  9. I didn’t go, but the Camera Obscura is cool if you like illusions
  10. Had one of the best fish and chips in Cleethorpes!

There is so much to do. This list could go on forever.

If you go to Brighton, just a reminder the wind by the sea can be a bit chilly throughout the whole city. Things are kind of far apart, but it is a cool sea city. I finally got to eat fish and chips by the sea in England for the first time, it was amazing! And no seagulls stole our fries! The North Laine was one of my favorite parts of Brighton.

Edinburgh I guess doesn’t always have nice weather, but Nina and I lucked out and had the sun shinning for most of the trip. We stayed in a hostel that was built inside a church. I was super excited, because our friend had loved it. But…when we arrived the owner was very rude to us and pretty much told us why are you early this is a hostel, I hate when people do that. She just kept complaining to us. You would think, ‘oh it is in a church, it will have a nice, welcoming vibe’, but she made sure it didn’t, which is really too bad. All in all it was cheap and did the purpose of giving us shelter, so a couple nights was okay. Just, wouldn’t recommend. It is also about 20-30mins from the town center. On the bright side we got our steps in everyday! The town itself felt rather safe too, so that was nice. I’m always so cautious in new cities when it is just us girls traveling and you just never know what could happen. Thankfully we have always made it home safely.

33583448_1861852553878490_7165282858901176320_nCleethorpes is a small town, but so pretty. Just, sitting, relaxing by the sea is worth it to go. Plus some fish and chips and fresh donuts from the stands near the beach. It makes for a good day trip.

It still blows my mind how flat the Netherlands is. It is such a beautiful country. Getting to Amsterdam on the other hand was a bit annoying when I went. My flight was supposed to leave at 12:45pm, but didn’t end up leaving until 3:00pm. There was an air traffic controlling strike going on in France at the time, so lots of flights were either being delayed or cancelled. I’m so glad mine was only delayed. Amsterdam did have the best hostel I have ever stayed in though! It was the Meininger Amstel Hostel, 10/10 recommend. I was supposed to be in a female dorm, but they accidentally put me in a mixed dorm. Thankfully, there was only one guy in there and he was friends with one of the girls. They were all super chill. I climbed into my bed and then two of them started talking about space cookies. The guy was like you still can’t feel it can you and she was like no and he was like I kinda can. It was interesting to say the least. But, wow I was surprised by how many coffee shops there actually are in Amsterdam. I thought sure a few, but no. It seemed like almost every street you went down you could smell a hint of weed in the air. I tell you what, my allergies were going crazy because of it. Amsterdam is nice, but I would not be able to live with that. On another note we tried to go to Anne Frank’s house. Sadly there were only 2 tickets left and there were three of us and we wouldn’t have enough time to see everything. I did get to see the outside of the house though. It is crazy to think that she lived there.33619096_1861847400545672_1917261555414597632_n

We did get to go on the Rock the City tour. It was so fun. We started with a tour in the Heineken Experience(includes 3 beers), rode on a boat down the river, and finished at the Amsterdam Lookout, where we went on the highest swing in Europe. You literally swing over the edge of a skyscraper. It honestly wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, it was quite enjoyable.

Yesterday I was able to visit Amersfoort. One of my best friends in Minnesota is from there, so I thought it would be cool to visit. I was also able to visit my friend, Nina’s hometown, Nunspeet. It was nice to take a break from the busy cities and for the most part relax. I then had to wake up at 5:30am this morning to catch the train to the airport to go back to Lincoln. I only have 4 days left in Lincoln. It is so sad and weird that I won’t be here next year.

While Amsterdam was my last big Europe trip, I will definitely be back to see more countries. I can’t wait for it….once I save up some more money that is.

Until Later. Xxx

Sun-kissed in Italy

A few weeks okay we had Easter/Spring vacation, or holiday as the British would say! We got two weeks off from uni! Man, I am going to miss that when I go back to school in America.

I decided to go home to Switzerland for a week or so to visit my parents. I also got to spend some time with my friends that I went to school with, when I had lived in Switzerland. We went bowling, played laser tag, and chilled around town. I always love seeing them, but sometimes it is hard to fully express myself….which I hate. I love talking and having fun, but when you don’t know the language fluently you sometimes just need to sit back and listen to everyone, which is fine but sometimes annoying for myself. I say this because I want to say sooooo much, but it usually comes out as a muddled sentence or I don’t even know where to start to say what I want to say. It is hard to live in America and keep learning Swiss-German, when you don’t hear/use it daily. One day I hope to become fluent or at least know more then I do now.  One day!

Before going on break I was thinking of going to Austria or Italy since I knew some people where going to be there. So, super last minute I decided to meet up with my friend, Julia, in Italy. I am so glad I did! The sights were breathtaking, the weather was wonderful, and even made some new friends.

Triumphs in Italy:

  1. I got to see and stand on the city of Pompeii.30715520_1822559057807840_2747072142062387200_n
  2. Stayed in my first hostel ever.
  3. Ate lots of gelato…I even had one that was Apple pie flavored.
  4. Survived half of the path of gods hike…it was all stairs going up..
  5. Had sun for days.
  6. Saw, touched, and walked inside the Colosseum
  7. Found Julia, without my GPS…because my phone had died….had to ask people for help….I was rather proud


Struggles in Italy:

  1. Got lost my first day in Rome…I was trying to find my hostel for the second time that day. I whipped out my GPS after parting ways with my friend and was glad to see my hostel was near by, this was going to be easy. Was I wrong. I ended up walking in a circle for an hour. I knew it should have been down one of these streets. I pulled my GPS out again, but still no luck…it wanted me to walk through a dark tunnel…no thanks. I called Julia to help me navigate my way back. In the end I had been on the wrong side of town the whole time…what can I say they looked super alike.
  2. I got sick the night before I left for Italy.
  3. Got cat called by a 30-40 some year old Italian guy in English.
  4. A creepy old Italian guy greeted us at the end of our path of the gods hike…he was all jolly at first, but then gave me the heeby jeebies. You know when a person just makes you shiver with uncomfortableness, that is how it was. He was like you guys need a massage now after that hike and touched me thigh….like umm no don’t. Then he kept asking us if we wanted a picture in front of a sign to his villa. He wouldn’t let go of my arm, I just kept walking and he finally let go and he continued talking to my other friends. And they finally were like no picture, we have to go. The girl who was doing a gap year in Italy was like oh it’s just your typical Italian. And I’m like noooo, like I get maybe they are a bit more affectionate or whatever, but that was just uncomfortable.


While I ran into a few struggles on the way I did enjoy my time in Italy. I finally got caught up on some vitamin D from the sun, even got a bit of a tan. Walked a lot, always gotta get those steps in ha. Had a great travel buddy. Made 2 new friends, one from Canada and the other from England. I spent two days in Rome, two in Sorrento, with a day trip to Pompeii and Positano, then leaving Friday early in the morning. Oh yeah and I turned 21 in England on the last day of break! Never did I think I would see so many historical and beautiful places in my life and celebrate my 21st in England. I could finally see all the things I learned in my history classes in real life! So breathtaking. Pictures will never do these places justice.


Until Later. Xxx