Hahaha I totally forgot to post my blog post in the fall….let alone completely finish it….so I will just start a new one and hopefully be able to cram most everything in it.

Fall Semester&New Church Recap:

I finished my last ever fall semester!!! I can’t believe I am already in my fourth and last year of college. Why does time move so fast? Sadly, I was taking a class last semester that I found out half way through the semester wasn’t counting for any credits….what’s done is done I guess. It was Greek Mythology, so it was still rather interesting, but it would have been nice to have counted for my credits. It did however give me a chance to get to know someone I went to high-school with again.

I have found a church that I absolutely love! I am just still having a hard time connecting with people. I had joined a Bible study in the fall and loved it from the beginning. But as time went on, I just couldn’t feel myself connecting with the other girls in the group. You see, from 7:00pm to about 7:30-8:00 we’d have supper and icebreaker games, but I had class during that time, so I’d usually miss that, making it not as easy to get to know


others. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I am around people and I feel like they all know and are comfortable with each other I feel awkward and left out. I know most of the time I should just ignore those feelings and just start talking and try to make friends, but I feel like I can just be so awkward at times or think they don’t want to talk to me. Those are the times I need step out of my comfort zone and into my faith. But it’s not always that easy. So, I’m hoping when College Bible Study starts again this Spring semester I will be able to get to know the people more and feel more comfortable. I also want to get more involved at church and volunteer, hopefully my college schedule will permit me to do so.

I have 21 credits left to take to graduate. That is too much for my brain to handle in one semester, so I’ll be taking a couple in the summer ( which I still need to figure out since they don’t put the summer course list out until April. I don’t understand why.), but I am hoping to still walk in the Spring. I just need to turn in my graduation application. So, I won’t know if the classes are offered for the summer, so if they aren’t one more Fall semester here I come ha, but hopefully not. I will be taking five classes, so 16 credits this Spring. Two of them are writing intensive courses and both online. I haven’t taken an online course yet in my college career, so I hope they go fairly well. I will also be taking my last ever German college course. I am actually really sad about that. While I’m still not fluent in Deutsch or speak with perfect grammar, I have taken away so much. Plus Herr Clark is my favorite college professor. I will be sad to say goodbye. He always makes class a good environment to learn in. I always want to go to class and learn, even if some days I understand almost nothing and stress out on how I am going to keep my Deutsch up.

I passed all of my classes with flying colors last semester. I’m very proud of myself. Since I will be taking classes this summer (hopefully) I am looking into finding another internship to hone my skills.


One of my roommates, Linnea, moved out. We’ve been bedroom buddies for a solid 2-3yrs. She will be doing student teaching in other cities, so that is why she moved out. Speaking of Linnea, she is getting married in June!! And she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, I am so pumped….I may or may not have cried when she asked me. We got our bridesmaid dresses in December! We are all so excited for the wedding!!!

And speaking of weddings, my sister, Kera, is getting married in less than a month!!!!!!! Ahhhh I can’t believe it has come up so fast. I still need to take my dress in to get altered. Next week is her bachelorette party! We are all pumped, hopefully she likes what we have planned for her! Sometimes it is weird to think my sister can get married and we are growing up, but that’s life I guess.

Christmas Break:

49509435_576764649461286_1563738214550732800_n (2)Over Christmas I got to see my boyfriend and his family in Cancun. I hadn’t seen Juan for four months, so it was soooo nice to see him, if only for a little over a week. I even got to surprise him. I got him good, I can tell you that! I learned some more Spanish, enjoyed warm weather, got knocked over by waves at the ocean, volunteered a couple days to help make meal packages for families on Christmas Eve, ate homemade tamales, went to church, learned how to play chess and just chilled.

The last day we all went to the pool and I decided to throw his younger sister in the pool, it backfired. I ended up slamming my knee into the tile. I looked down it wasn’t bleeding, but then I heard Juan and his siblings say it started to, and wouldn’t you know, it did. I got up, barely making it back to the house cause it hurt so bad to walk on it. It still hurts sometimes. The next day, the day of my flight home, my flight was delayed. So, we stayed at home an extra hour, but once we got to the airport no one was at check in and I couldn’t even use the self check in services. There should have been someone there, we made it 2hrs before the flight. So, I kept calling the airline and Juan’s parents were talking to people for information. No one had an answer and the lady on the phone was so sure that someone would come down to the desk. Finally 20mins before my flight was supposed to depart we got someone to come down. I got my boarding pass and we ran for security. I said goodbye and rushed on my way. I am so out of shape. I asked to cut people in line because you never know what can delay you at security. I made it through speed time and kept running to my gate, almost dying and sweating but still hanging on. I made it to my gate and the people at the desk were like yeah we are going to start boarding in 5mins. So, I had made it with time to spare, hallelujah, God is good! What I’ve learned from this: I can never leave Cancun without some sort of delay and that I need to work on my endurance more….gym here I come.


Well, I started German class on Thursday and start the rest on Monday. I already have a PowerPoint due Tuesday. Oh how I did not miss homework. I started working again this weekend with the Box Office, it was an eventful night for sure this evening. I keep forgetting to call to get my car looked at, but otherwise I am just gliding through life until it gets hectic again once Monday hits me in the face.


Even though I know things are going to get hectic and crazy, I really want to put more time into my passions. I am going to write my resolutions and what I always thrive to work on no matter the time of year in this blog post to keep me accountable.

whatsapp image 2019-01-01 at 00.08.09

I honestly didn’t really think too much about resolutions this year until I met up with my friend, Alyssia who had. It’s always to set goals and to see how far you come.

  • I want to learn more about cameras and have a more functional blog site.
  • I want to save money for a good laptop to edit videos on and start editing my personal projects.
  • I want to have more intentional time with God and just take a step deeper into my faith.
  • I want spend less time on social media and my phone.
  • I want to be more present.
  • Be healthier.
  • Save up for a cello.
  • Give my 110%.
  • Invite friends to church and get more connected.
  • Make world travel plans.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions or your all time goals? We can always keep each other accountable. Good luck and a Happy New Year everyone.

Until Later. Xxx


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