Reminiscing Abroad

Recently Switzerland keeps popping into my mind.

I’ll be walking to class and the crisp air reminds me of the times I spent walking to school all the time while in Switzerland. Certain smells bring me back to certain memories. Just the other day we had Oktoberfest at Kise(our dining center) and if I were to close my eyes I could pretend I was back home in the land of Swiss. A friend of mine at MSUM spent some time in Germany awhile back and we saw each other at Kise during the Oktoberfest. Since we both have a love for Europe it was nice to reminisce and to know that they understand how you can miss a place and its culture so much. Also, last year we had a real German Chef come to our school and make everyone food. That was one of the first times I met my friend, because we were able to talk to the Chef in German, it was such an awesome experience!

It can be so hard to find someone that understands the connection you have between two different countries.

Which leads me into studying abroad. I’d love to go for a semester, maybe even a year….depending on how it all works out. Since I have a minor in German I could go to Germany to better the language and receive credits for my minor at the same time. I’ve been thinking, since I lived in Switzerland and have been to Germany before that I wanted to travel and stay in a different country. Plus living in Switzerland was a mix of emotions and I don’t know if I want to go through that again. I know the experience in Germany would probably be different, but at this rate I don’t want to take the chances.

That’s why I am 98% sure I want to study abroad in the U.K., more specifically Lincoln…if I actually get to the Study Abroad Office and talk to them. One of my best friends will be studying abroad this coming spring in Lincoln, which raised my interest again in studying abroad. Plus I’ve always wanted to go to the U.K., so I thought this could be my chance.

The reason I have been looking at Lincoln in specific first off is because Shay told me about it and what they have to offer. Lincoln is an Arts school. Which goes along with my major, woohoo! I also met some students who go there, when they were studying abroad at MSUM last fall.

So, that’s where I am right now on that subject.

Until later. Xxx




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