Stories and Tips

Well it is that time again. Christmas has come and gone and the New Year has started, along with a new semester at college.

I know it has only been 2 weeks since school resumed, but it honestly feels like it has been 2 MONTHS! I am already going crazy. Sooo first tip of the new semester is to live in the moment! If you keep thinking about all the assignments that are due and when you have to work you are going to spiral into a mess of anxiousness and exhaustion.

With a new semester comes homework. I always tell myself to get homework and such done in a timely manner. Does that actually always happen…..NO. Friends, Disney Channel, impromptu outings, etc. always end up sounding way better than doing homework. So tip number two has to be to try your hardest not to procrastinate. 

This may sound stupid to some of you, but I thought photography only meant photography, like taking pictures/still photography. Little did I know it also meant using a video camera. I learned this the hard way by signing up for a class that was for News Photography that I thought I would be doing still photography for. HA, yeah I should have known better. Plus side I need the class for my major and I am enjoying it for the most part so far. Tip number three will have to be to read the class description before signing up for said class.

When you are offered a ride to Concordia when it is below zero, never say no! Otherwise you won’t be able to feel your legs or face for awhile. Don’t be stupid like me! In my defense I felt like going for a walk and the Conco bookstore was going to close soon, so I didn’t have time to waste waiting for a ride. Tip four would have to be use your common sense.

I always tend to get caught up in schoolwork and work, sometimes forgetting I am actually living a life. I get so caught up in what needs to be done that sometimes I forget to be there and that my friends, family, and God are there for me. I forget to take time to wind down and just enjoy the college life. It is sometimes hard to live in such a fast pace world. I’d have to say this is one of the more important tips, never forget you are not alone, there is  always someone there for you and that loves you!


To recap all my valuable tips I made list for you guys:

  1. Live in the moment
  2. Do NOT procrastinate
  3. Read the class description
  4. Use common sense
  5. You are not alone


Anyways a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Good luck to a new year of schooling, working. or whatever it may be. I wish you all the best.

Until Next Time! Xxx


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