Livin' down South, Yeehaw!


I just realized it has been almost a year since I have posted a blog….YIKES!

So I here I am redeeming myself and my blog.

I have been living in Texas now for 7 months. A lot has happened since moving here.

I am literally surrounded by mountains. I never thought I’d be in the land of deserts, ha! They are so beautiful, along with the sunsets.

Since I have moved multiple times in my life I thought moving to El Paso would be a breeze. But, when you don’t have a job for 6 months, nothing is familiar, your family and close friends aren’t nearby, and are adapting to hearing Spanish everyday it catches up to you mentally for sure. I’m just glad God blessed me with a very patient, encouraging and supportive boyfriend to help me through all of this.

At the Kino in Switzerland, watching Jumanji 2

After 4 months of living here and no job my dad texted me. He wanted to surprise my mom and sister by having me come over for Christmas…and take my wisdom teeth out. So, I ended up going for a month, since I didn’t have a job. God knew I needed this time to just be with family and recharge more than I knew. After my fun time there, I was refreshed mentally, physically, and spiritually, and was ready to go back home. I was ready to tackle the dreaded job hunting once more, with a positive attitude.

I started applying to any place that was hiring and waiting to hear back. I also went to talk to my pastor to see if he knew of any places hiring. I finally got two interviews in February. One at Sam’s Club and another at my church’s nursery. I was offered both jobs. I worked at Sam’s for almost a month, but then quit because they wanted me to have open availability. I didn’t really like the job either, to be honest. I continued working at my church’s nursery. It’s super fun to work there. Now that church is closed for 2 weeks, I can’t work there for the time being. I was also supposed to start at the Chihuahuas Stadium (for sports), but all the games have been pushed back. So, I’m still searching for jobs.

LinkedIn Opportunities

Despite all of that, I’ve had some unique and cool opportunities come up through LinkedIn.

The first week of March I received a text from a guy on LinkedIn. He said he and his team needed help capturing photos at the Eastwood 15th Fred Loya Track Invitational. I had never taken sports pictures, but I went for it! I even got to use their equipment.

Long jump at the track invitational

It was really hard, since in track they are constantly moving. I know I still have much to learn for sports photography, but it was a good learning experience. After the track meet they trusted me enough to take pictures of Fred Loya’s grandson playing in his high school baseball game. This was easier, as I had one target and it didn’t move as much. It was really fun! I even ended up getting sunburnt.

Second Opportunity

One night I was scrolling through LinkedIn trying to find photographers in the El Paso area. I found a lady who had photography listed as a skill. She even owns her own branding company. I decided to add her.

The next morning I had a message from her saying: “it was nice to meet you.” I decided I’d reply. I asked if there were any opportunities or internships open at her company. SHE SAID YES! So, we exchanged information and went from there. I already had my first proofreading/editing assignment. I’m super excited to see where this goes. This is definitely a prayer answered!

And Now?

Currently Juan is working from home, so I get to see him every day. While he works, I try to work on my photography, looking for jobs and/or learning new skills. I am in the beginnings of starting my own photography business, Sandmeier Photography, as well. Juan is working on coding a website for me, it’s looking amazing so far. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I’m just looking to get more experience at the moment and grow my portfolio.



Juan is super close to finishing his new app, Build Up. So, be on the look out for that!

Juan’s new app to come!


With everyone working from home and the nice weather, we’ve also been trying to get outside every day, exercise and just enjoy God’s beauty.

I feel like I am finally starting to feel connected to El Paso.

We’re just living day by day trusting in the Lord.


I’ve also started discipleship with a woman at my church. Discipleship is when you meet one-on-one or in a group with a mature believer of Christ.

Currently we are going through a three part book learning the basics of Bible memorization, giving your testimony, having quiet time (prayer and spending time in the Word) and so forth. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone about Jesus, growing my relationship with him and just having that encouragement, wisdom and guidance.

Until Later. Xxx

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