Time is slipping away, new adventures are coming

I graduate in 8 days. E-I-G-H-T DAYS!!! …okay I still have to take two online courses this summer to officially graduate, but I’ll still be walking at graduation.

Reasons I’m sad to be graduating:

1.) I have to leave all of my friends I’ve made over the 4 years. 2.) I have to leave my knowledgeable and awesome professors. 3.) I can’t take a whole summer or random days to travel anymore. 4.) I’m leaving the city I’ve been able to call home over the 4 years.

BUT WAIT….there is a lot to be excited about after graduation.

In April two different small-town newspaper companies in North Dakota reached out to me.

My professor had sent my and one other student’s information out to newspapers in North Dakota. It had been a month and we still hadn’t heard from anyone. Finally one morning I got an email from the Journal in Crosby, ND. I immediately set up a time to call that week. Later that day a newspaper in Linton, ND emailed me. I had some free time that afternoon, so I called him straight away. The next day I talked with the other company. I think I already knew my decision before even calling her. Once I told her I had talked to another company she tried to sell her company to me like it was nobody’s business.

That Friday I called the Linton location to give my decision: I would like the internship if it is still available. His response: You are hired.

That was easier then I had thought. Linton will be my new home for the next couple of months. I’m excited to find out how it is working at a weekly newspaper company.

Reason 1 I’m excited to graduate: Offered and accepted internship at Emmons County Record

Graduating of course also means, no more homework! I’m so glad to have no more tests to study for and to cram the knowledge of 5 different classes in my head a semester. I’m ready to find my passion.

Reason 2 I’m excited to graduate: No more homework and school

Reason 3 I’m excited to graduate: Ready to find my passion job


Juan and I hiking in El Paso!

My boyfriend, Juan, lives in El Paso, TX. We’ve been long distant dating for almost a year now. It will be one year in July!! Thankfully we’ve been able to visit each other over the year and video chat lots. He’ll be flying up next Wednesday for my graduation!! I’m so excited!

Once I finish my internship this August and my lease is up Juan will fly back to Fargo. We will be road-tripping down to El Paso. I AM OFFICIALLY MOVING DOWN TO TEXAS!!!! Just me, Juan, and whatever fits into my vehicle. I still need to find my own apartment and job, but those are minor details. I’m so happy Juan and I will finally not have to long distant date!

Reason 4 I’m excited to graduate: I get to road-trip and move to El Paso with my boyfriend!!!!!!

View of El Paso

My summer is going to start with an adventure and end with a new one. I’m excited to see what my internship will have in store for me. I hope to learn more about the news/media world.

I am beyond psyched to road-trip to El Paso with my boyfriend. It’s going to be an adventurous 22 hours. I’m so excited for these doors that God has opened for me. I am anxiously waiting to see where they take me/us. But more importantly to enjoy the time in the “hallway” more.

Until Later. Xxx

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