Is Spring coming?

It is already March, which means 2 to 2 1/2 more months left of school. I will be walking at graduation in May and then finishing up my last two college courses ever in the summer.

How I am feeling right now:

  1. Nervous – I don’t know what kind of job I will be doing after graduating.
  2. Joy – for being so close to finishing college.
  3. Ready – I can’t wait to be done with homework and for a Monday-Friday type of job.
  4. Motivated (but not) – I am also sick of nights and days filled with homework. I know it will all, mostly, help me in getting into my career, but some days it just all piles up and is a pain to even think of starting. But I am motivated to see everything come together. I will keep trying my best to work through everything to get across that stage at graduation and jump into my “adult” job, whatever it may be.

53541046_2168721639874401_1263980691637403648_nOne of my professors, Deneen, said every time after Spring Break she could tell who the graduating students were because they would just talk and talk and talk in class and went into the known senior slide. I do confess I can feel the senior slide a little bit, but I really want to end the year with my best grades yet. It’s my strand of hope to hold onto for motivation. Okay, maybe I am being a little dramatic, but after 15-16 years of school you can only have so much more motivation to do homework.


Warm Thoughts: 

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-20 at 22.22.30

Let me steer away from school for a bit. My older sister just got married in February, I can’t believe it! It was such a fun day of celebration! I can’t wait for the pictures of the wedding to be done! Kera and Thomas have now moved into their place, in Florida. Kera just got a job too, exciting! While I am sad they aren’t nearby, I can’t wait to see where the next adventure in Florida takes them. I know they are going to go far. Plus, now I have a place to stay when I want to go to the Harry Potter World. 😉 At least they can soak up the sun for us while we bear the cold and snow for another couple months.

Speaking of warm states, I finally get to go to Texas to visit my boyfriend. I am so pumped!! I even get to be there for my birthday, so that will be nice. I am excited to be able to see the town and compare it to how I’ve been thinking how it looks like in my head. I can’t wait to meet all of his friends either. It’ll have been two months since I’ve seen him last, once I go in April. So, not as bad as the four months we had to go without seeing each other. But knowing April is so close makes it harder to contain my excitement and to be patient. I just want to be there already!

Springing Forward and Resolutions

Well the clocks have finally changed an hour ahead, does that mean spring will actually be here? Will the snow ever stop? Hopefully all the snow won’t cause any big problems this spring though.

I am trying to keep up with my resolutions I talked about in a post or two I wrote before this one. I did delete Instagram for a month and I did notice I spent less time on my phone and social media in general. I did download it again recently. I think I might delete it again though and the Facebook app.

I notice whenever I am bored I go for my phone, when in reality I could be more productive with my time, like doing homework. Plus, I feel like I just feel better mentally not being on my phone all the time. So, if you have troubles being on your phone too much or just turning to it when you’re bored I want you to try deleting an app that makes you go for your phone in those times. Let me know how it goes!

Also, if nicer weather is coming our way I am hoping to get my camera out again. I miss taking pictures and seeing my skills grow. I am trying to save up for a new camera, preferably one with video and still. I did do some research on mirrorless vs. DSLR, which was really interesting. I think I will stick with DSLR for now. If any of you have any recommendations please let me know!!

Spring Break will officially end today. Did you guys do anything fun, leave your comments down below. Good luck getting back into a normal routine tomorrow!

Until Later. Xxx

2 thoughts on “Is Spring coming?

  1. Abby Anderson says:

    Hey Anna its Abby Anderson. I am glad you are so close to graduation. I didn’t realise it was happening for you so soon. I am proud of you for all the work you have done to get through college. I still have a few more semesters left myself. This spring break I went skiing up north in Minnesota. I miss you and all the Moorhead people we hung out with. I hope you and all of them are well. I just want to say that having someone like you is one of the reasons I stayed as long as I did in Moorhead. You are a good friend. Good luck with your future plans!

    Liked by 1 person

    • annajoy16 says:

      Haha yes I know it just kind of snuck up! Awh thank you Abby! Good luck with the rest of your schooling, you got this!!! Ooo that sounds like fun, I miss skiing! Awh we miss you too, those were good times! Awh my heart just melted! You are awesome! Thanks, you too Abby!!


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