The Last Adventures

Well I have been done with school since the first week of May and have been taking advantage of being in Europe before I leave.

After I handed my last project in I got ready to head to London and meet up with my parents. We spent two wonderful days in London and a half day in Lincoln. We got to see Kew Gardens, Hyde Park, finally went on a double decker bus, saw the London eye, went on the Thames River….and still didn’t see half of what we wanted to. Another trip will have to be in order for sure. Sadly, the Big Ben is under construction so we couldn’t really see it in its true beauty. Which, means another trip will hopefully happen down the road. Hopefully this time the rest of the family can join too!

Never did I think I would be showing my parents around England, instead of hanging out in Fargo/MN. So, weird/cool how things work out.

If you didn’t already know from all my posts on Facebook I was able to travel with some friends to Brighton, Edinburgh(in Scotland), Cleethorpes and the Netherlands.

I’ve always wanted to go to Brighton ever since my favorite YouTubers Zoe and Alfie 32667506_1851969714866774_3793617571719151616_nmoved there…..and to be by the sea and have fish and chips. Sadly, I didn’t see either of them in town, Zoe and Alfie that is. But, there was an Art festival going on that we didn’t know about. We ended up going to go see this play called Coat. It was amazing! I always have a hard time explaining to people where I am from. Do I say America or Switzerland?-which country do I identify myself with more, which one do you call home, etc. The poet, Yomi Sode, who put on the play, held a Q&A afterwards. Many people in the room felt what I was feeling, same with the poet himself. It’s nice to know that people out there have more then one country they can call home and know how you feel. It is hard to explain or to find people who understand everything, especially to understand how it is to live a whole country away from your parents. It really is something I feel you have to experience to really understand how others feel in these types of situations. Honestly living in two countries, now 3 if you count England, has helped me grow so much and open my mind. What I’ve realized from this is how close-minded people can still be and that can be frustrating. But, we all go through our own experiences in our own time and grow from those and each other. If we share what we are going through you never know what you might learn from yourself and/or others. This play was exactly what I needed to hear to remind myself of this.

But, back to traveling now. Here are some cool things I got to see/eat at and recommend you to check out if you ever get the chance to:

  1. Dum Dum Donuts….I had a strawberry cheesecake filled donut, best thing ever!
  2. The North Laine in Brighton
  3. The Brighton Pier….if you are a thrill seeker go on the Booster!
  4. Mexican Hot Chocolate at La Choza
  5. Edinburgh Castle-a little spendy, but worth it.
  6. Climb to Arthur’s seat.
  7. The National Museum of Scotland-they honestly have everything from history, to the sea, to interactive exhibits…and it’s free!
  8. A FREE Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh of where J.K. Rowling found her inspiration for her books. 10/10 recommend.
  9. I didn’t go, but the Camera Obscura is cool if you like illusions
  10. Had one of the best fish and chips in Cleethorpes!

There is so much to do. This list could go on forever.

If you go to Brighton, just a reminder the wind by the sea can be a bit chilly throughout the whole city. Things are kind of far apart, but it is a cool sea city. I finally got to eat fish and chips by the sea in England for the first time, it was amazing! And no seagulls stole our fries! The North Laine was one of my favorite parts of Brighton.

Edinburgh I guess doesn’t always have nice weather, but Nina and I lucked out and had the sun shinning for most of the trip. We stayed in a hostel that was built inside a church. I was super excited, because our friend had loved it. But…when we arrived the owner was very rude to us and pretty much told us why are you early this is a hostel, I hate when people do that. She just kept complaining to us. You would think, ‘oh it is in a church, it will have a nice, welcoming vibe’, but she made sure it didn’t, which is really too bad. All in all it was cheap and did the purpose of giving us shelter, so a couple nights was okay. Just, wouldn’t recommend. It is also about 20-30mins from the town center. On the bright side we got our steps in everyday! The town itself felt rather safe too, so that was nice. I’m always so cautious in new cities when it is just us girls traveling and you just never know what could happen. Thankfully we have always made it home safely.

33583448_1861852553878490_7165282858901176320_nCleethorpes is a small town, but so pretty. Just, sitting, relaxing by the sea is worth it to go. Plus some fish and chips and fresh donuts from the stands near the beach. It makes for a good day trip.

It still blows my mind how flat the Netherlands is. It is such a beautiful country. Getting to Amsterdam on the other hand was a bit annoying when I went. My flight was supposed to leave at 12:45pm, but didn’t end up leaving until 3:00pm. There was an air traffic controlling strike going on in France at the time, so lots of flights were either being delayed or cancelled. I’m so glad mine was only delayed. Amsterdam did have the best hostel I have ever stayed in though! It was the Meininger Amstel Hostel, 10/10 recommend. I was supposed to be in a female dorm, but they accidentally put me in a mixed dorm. Thankfully, there was only one guy in there and he was friends with one of the girls. They were all super chill. I climbed into my bed and then two of them started talking about space cookies. The guy was like you still can’t feel it can you and she was like no and he was like I kinda can. It was interesting to say the least. But, wow I was surprised by how many coffee shops there actually are in Amsterdam. I thought sure a few, but no. It seemed like almost every street you went down you could smell a hint of weed in the air. I tell you what, my allergies were going crazy because of it. Amsterdam is nice, but I would not be able to live with that. On another note we tried to go to Anne Frank’s house. Sadly there were only 2 tickets left and there were three of us and we wouldn’t have enough time to see everything. I did get to see the outside of the house though. It is crazy to think that she lived there.33619096_1861847400545672_1917261555414597632_n

We did get to go on the Rock the City tour. It was so fun. We started with a tour in the Heineken Experience(includes 3 beers), rode on a boat down the river, and finished at the Amsterdam Lookout, where we went on the highest swing in Europe. You literally swing over the edge of a skyscraper. It honestly wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, it was quite enjoyable.

Yesterday I was able to visit Amersfoort. One of my best friends in Minnesota is from there, so I thought it would be cool to visit. I was also able to visit my friend, Nina’s hometown, Nunspeet. It was nice to take a break from the busy cities and for the most part relax. I then had to wake up at 5:30am this morning to catch the train to the airport to go back to Lincoln. I only have 4 days left in Lincoln. It is so sad and weird that I won’t be here next year.

While Amsterdam was my last big Europe trip, I will definitely be back to see more countries. I can’t wait for it….once I save up some more money that is.

Until Later. Xxx

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