Sun-kissed in Italy

A few weeks okay we had Easter/Spring vacation, or holiday as the British would say! We got two weeks off from uni! Man, I am going to miss that when I go back to school in America.

I decided to go home to Switzerland for a week or so to visit my parents. I also got to spend some time with my friends that I went to school with, when I had lived in Switzerland. We went bowling, played laser tag, and chilled around town. I always love seeing them, but sometimes it is hard to fully express myself….which I hate. I love talking and having fun, but when you don’t know the language fluently you sometimes just need to sit back and listen to everyone, which is fine but sometimes annoying for myself. I say this because I want to say sooooo much, but it usually comes out as a muddled sentence or I don’t even know where to start to say what I want to say. It is hard to live in America and keep learning Swiss-German, when you don’t hear/use it daily. One day I hope to become fluent or at least know more then I do now.  One day!

Before going on break I was thinking of going to Austria or Italy since I knew some people where going to be there. So, super last minute I decided to meet up with my friend, Julia, in Italy. I am so glad I did! The sights were breathtaking, the weather was wonderful, and even made some new friends.

Triumphs in Italy:

  1. I got to see and stand on the city of Pompeii.30715520_1822559057807840_2747072142062387200_n
  2. Stayed in my first hostel ever.
  3. Ate lots of gelato…I even had one that was Apple pie flavored.
  4. Survived half of the path of gods hike…it was all stairs going up..
  5. Had sun for days.
  6. Saw, touched, and walked inside the Colosseum
  7. Found Julia, without my GPS…because my phone had died….had to ask people for help….I was rather proud


Struggles in Italy:

  1. Got lost my first day in Rome…I was trying to find my hostel for the second time that day. I whipped out my GPS after parting ways with my friend and was glad to see my hostel was near by, this was going to be easy. Was I wrong. I ended up walking in a circle for an hour. I knew it should have been down one of these streets. I pulled my GPS out again, but still no luck…it wanted me to walk through a dark tunnel…no thanks. I called Julia to help me navigate my way back. In the end I had been on the wrong side of town the whole time…what can I say they looked super alike.
  2. I got sick the night before I left for Italy.
  3. Got cat called by a 30-40 some year old Italian guy in English.
  4. A creepy old Italian guy greeted us at the end of our path of the gods hike…he was all jolly at first, but then gave me the heeby jeebies. You know when a person just makes you shiver with uncomfortableness, that is how it was. He was like you guys need a massage now after that hike and touched me thigh….like umm no don’t. Then he kept asking us if we wanted a picture in front of a sign to his villa. He wouldn’t let go of my arm, I just kept walking and he finally let go and he continued talking to my other friends. And they finally were like no picture, we have to go. The girl who was doing a gap year in Italy was like oh it’s just your typical Italian. And I’m like noooo, like I get maybe they are a bit more affectionate or whatever, but that was just uncomfortable.


While I ran into a few struggles on the way I did enjoy my time in Italy. I finally got caught up on some vitamin D from the sun, even got a bit of a tan. Walked a lot, always gotta get those steps in ha. Had a great travel buddy. Made 2 new friends, one from Canada and the other from England. I spent two days in Rome, two in Sorrento, with a day trip to Pompeii and Positano, then leaving Friday early in the morning. Oh yeah and I turned 21 in England on the last day of break! Never did I think I would see so many historical and beautiful places in my life and celebrate my 21st in England. I could finally see all the things I learned in my history classes in real life! So breathtaking. Pictures will never do these places justice.


Until Later. Xxx

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