It’s been 1 Month

WOW!? Does time fly by or what! I have already been in England for 1 solid month…and 4 days.

Now I really need to focus on some of my projects that are due in March and April. You always think you have plenty of time, but that due date just sneaks up on you. My first big project is due the first week of March, so I better get my butt in gear. Even though in class our professor seems so chill that it is due in like two weeks, I freak out every weekend knowing the due date is getting closer and still wary of my research. In the end I know it well all come together and work out for the best(hopefully)!

Anyway, last Saturday our university put on a bus day trip to Manchester for 12.50 pounds. My friends and I couldn’t pass up such a good deal.

How the day went:

  • First the bus was a half an hour late.
  • Then when we were five minutes from getting dropped off our bus didn’t break in time and hit the bus in front of us. Mind you my friends and I were sitting in the front too. The bus in front of us wasn’t damaged, but the fender of our bus got a little messed up. Luckily no one was hurt, God was watching out for us, that is for sure!
  • It rained ALL day…but it’s England what can you expect.
  • Visited a cool Library, a couple of museums, saw China Town, and of course had tea and scones.
  • So, while we had a bumpy start, the trip was fun!

This Saturday we are going to go explore Cambridge. We are going to go PUNTING! I am so pumped! Pictures to come!

Mini Update:

Otherwise school is going pretty well. Been going to Church Alive on Sunday evenings. Celebrated pancake day on Tuesday. Most people make crepe styled pancakes here, but someone found a bar that was selling actual pancakes for 25 pence! I found purple tulips for sale on Steep Hill. My favorite flowers and favorite color, I couldn’t pass by and not buy them. I don’t have a vase, so I am casually using my pineapple covered glass for them. I am going to a HARRY STYLES CONCERT in April and I couldn’t be more excited!!! I LOVED (who am I kidding I still do) 1 Direction, but I didn’t get to see them perform. So, 1/5 of the group will have to do. We have reading week this coming week at school, so I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday. Which means, I will have tons of time to edit video footage and will hopefully have a couple up and running(but don’t take my word). I also want to work on my website too. I want to make it more organized and polished looking, not just throwing posts on here.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Until Later. Xxx


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