Let the Adventure Continue

I started my second week of classes already! Time is going by so fast and there is so much I have and want to do.

Let me just recap my first and second week!

My first day of class, I was so nervous and didn’t know how it would go or if I’d know anyone in class. But, all week I found my classes, arrived on time…or a little early….I mean you never know what can happen on the walk to finding a classroom. I had some other international students in my classes too, which made it easier to relax once I found my classrooms. All the professors are super nice. It has been a bit hard to make friends/connect with some of the British students in some of my classes, but as classes pass it is getting easier and less awkward(lol), so I am thankful for that.

I love all my classes to be honest! I am taking Digital Media, Digital Photography, Online Production, and Radio and Sound. I am super pumped for Radio and Sound. We have to make a 30min live show for our final project. Yesterday we got to go into our studios and test everything out, it was so fun! Plus my group is super nice and fun to work with! I am also excited to create a website in Online Production with yet another awesome group of people.

Struggles of Anna:

Monday morning-second week of school: I woke up at 7:35am to get ready for my 9:00am. As I started walking to class I checked my paper to double check the classroom number. There is usually a class in before mine starts, but I thought they had already left. I sat down. Looking around I didn’t really recognize the people. The PowerPoint on the screen didn’t look like my subject. There was a different professor in the classroom, but sometimes they stay a little after their class leaves. To double check, I pull out my schedule and look at the time it starts. My class didn’t start until ELEVEN AM! So, I casually lifted my backpack up, slowly walked out and triple checked my schedule once in the hallway. I then snuck out the building and back to my room. What a way to start the second week.

Triumphs of Anna:

  • Took a second trip Saturday with some of my international friends. We went to York. It was so fun, but windy.
  • I successfully survived my first week of school.
  • Have tried out a church and an on campus Christian group called Christian Union(everyone was super nice there).
  • Starting to make friends in classes.
  • Won vouchers for the on campus bars!


I know I said I would have vlogs coming soon….but haven’t. I just need to figure out some account stuff with PR(the editing software) and find some music to go with my vlogs. Also, I try to turn YouTube videos into mp3s, but when I download the songs I can’t find them, I can’t remember how to get it work.  Advice? If I don’t get anything up by next week, PLEASE PESTER ME!


Until Later. Xxx

P.s. I love when you guys comment or ask questions when I post, so don’t hesitate. Don’t forget to follow for updates!

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