It has finally come!!!

If you didn’t know, I am studying abroad in Lincoln, UK this Spring semester.

I arrived here on the 12th of Jan.

Struggles and Triumphs of Anna:

  1. Have never been in the Heathrow Airport…thank goodness for big luminous signs that tell you were to go!
  2. Paddington station was CONFUSING….At least if you don’t know what you are doing.
  3. Every person I asked for help told me something else than the last person….
  4. Finally found where you can buy tickets in person and not from machines.
  5. Made it to Kings Cross…sadly didn’t have time to revel in the Harry Potter magic of it all.
  6. An old guy on the train told me and two others to sit in the main cabin area instead of standing by our luggage….but there was no room for our luggage anywhere else so we couldn’t move. Thank goodness he just huffed away.
  7. On the second leg of that train ride another older man came out and was like you don’t want to be standing here the whole trip. I caved. He put my luggage in the luggage space(since people had got off and there was now room) and sat with him.
  8. Finally got to my last stop, before Lincoln. MY LAST TRAIN!!! This was the easiest transfer to find to get to Lincoln.
  9. Mind you I have been carrying around a big suitcase, carry-on, camera bag, and my backpack all day.
  10. FINALLY GOT TO LINCOLN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Did I know where I was going from the train station to get to the University….no. After asking a few people for help to find it, I managed to make it to the entrance of campus….not really sure at this point if it actually is the “official” entrance of campus.
  12. I didn’t know where to go at that point, because where I needed to go wasn’t on the big sign in front of me! Thankfully, Anson(who had studied abroad at MSUM), saw that I was confused and helped me find my way to Courts!
  13. Found Morrisons without a GPS….okay I did stop to ask how to get there, but still!
  14. I have officially met two of my roommates and they seem pretty cool and chill!

I hope to be making vlogs of my adventure here. I will keep you guys posted. I got to spend some time in my other home-Switzerland, before hoping over to England. So, my first vlog will be from my adventures in Switzerland!


Until Later. Xxx

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