1. make or become different.
  2. take or use another instead of.


  1. the act or instance of making or becoming different.

Change happens everyday whether we realize it or not. Maybe you say “hi” to your neighbor today or take a different route to work, school, etc. That one change can have a ripple effect. Maybe that neighbor you said “hi” to was having a bad morning and your “hi” changed their outlook on the rest of the day. And maybe going that different route kept you safe. But do we really know? No, but just because we can’t always see change happening doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. We think we can’t change, we can’t meet our goals, we can’t do anything. If we want to see change in ourselves, we need to realize we have to be the start of that change.

If I want to become one of the greatest videographers or journalists, I need to take steps towards that goal. I can’t just think about getting an internship or thinking about asking for advice. I need to take actions and change the position I am in to keep taking bigger steps towards my goal.

Don’t forget to focus on yourself. Spending time with yourself is not a bad thing. You learn what you like and dislike and see how you have changed over the years, months, days, maybe even hours.

Believe in yourself. I believe in you.

Find a way to keep the fire burning inside of you, to keep your passion burning, to know when things need to change. Sometimes you are not going to agree with certain changes. Yes, not all change can be good. Change can tear you down. Change can you build you up. Either way change helps you grow in more ways than one.

I chose this as the featured photo for this blog post because while we stand still, the clouds are moving, the sun is setting, the trees and grass are growing. Everything is changing. We can capture a moment, but that doesn’t mean it will always stay that way. So, don’t forget to stay in the moment because before you know it you are running for those moments to stay, feeling them slip from the tips of your fingers.



Until Later. Xxx



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