1 Year

Wow! What a year it has been. I am beyond thankful and happy my mom was able to come to the states for a year. Time sure flew by, but someone has to make sure our dad and cat are still alive. She is leaving today to go back home to Switzerland. You would think every time you say goodbye to someone it would get easier, but it never does. Even if you know you are going to be seeing them soon again, it is still hard.

Even though this past year has been one of the hardest for myself and my family, it has also been one full of cherished, unforgettable memories. It’s hard to truly find someone who understands what we go through-having had to move to another country where the language wasn’t our mother tongue(except for our dad of course), learning to live far from your parents, also while having a sick parent. I want to thank you guys for always believing in us and pushing us to do our best, while trying to stay sane and followers of Christ. You have given us an experience of life we will never forget–you guys have opened our hearts and minds to the way we see the world and the people in it.

So many things have happened this year. Let’s recap:

  1. Last summer Kera started talking to Thomas and little did we know they would get engaged this summer! (We are so happy to have Thomas become part of our family.)
  2. I found my love of videography and blogs- which will hopefully help me find a career in the future.
  3. Julia graduated high-school and is now studying at the Alex Tech. She will also be getting her first apartment, exciting!!
  4. I also moved into my first apartment this year! The dorm life is finally gone!
  5. I got to surprise papi(my dad) this summer in Switzerland, thanks to the awesome people who raised enough money for it to happen!
  6. We got to spend Christmas together as a whole family in the states this year, since my dad was able to make it over!
  7. My mom survived and got to work with dead animals this year. Or as she liked to say, we dealt with specimen to give to schools to dissect.
  8. I found out that I am going to England next semester to Study Abroad!
  9. The grandparents finally moved into A-town.
  10. Got to road-trip to Illinois and Florida this summer-the longest car ride in the world.

While there were downs through the year, there were also a lot of ups. The ups we will take with us and try to never forget. The downs we will keep fighting our way through to find the light at the end of them.


Until Later. Xxx

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