That Time Again

Each week for my photography class we are supposed to go out and photograph a category we picked in class. I am really excited for my assignment this week! I got an email from the school saying there is a Classic Car Show this weekend, so I couldn’t throw that opportunity away. Two things I love together…..I may not know much about cars or always know how to use my camera, but it’s okay!

I haven’t been using my camera lately,  since I have to for class it is reminding me my love for it, especially videography, which I learned to love my last semester of school. Also, I watch a lot of vloggers and YouTube in general, so I am really wanting to buy a good quality video camera, nothing to big and flashy, but something smaller and with great video quality and sound. Any recommendations?

Classes have been going for 3 weeks now. There is a lot of reading, some quizzes, and trying to make plausible sentences in German again. I have started a new on-campus job this semester called The Dragon Entertainment Group, aka The Group. What we do is plan and execute events on campus. It keeps me busy. I am excited and nervous for my first lead event on September 22. I am in charge of Cosmic Bowling, so getting tickets and transportation ready for students. Tonight we had Thinkfast Trivia come and it was awesome! You can have a team if you want and you try to answer questions about pop culture. If you ever get the chance to play I highly recommend! You even have a chance to win $200 in cash! Who doesn’t want free money!?

I also started back up at the Box Office again. We have a new software this year, so hopefully I get the hang of it soon. Otherwise it is still fun to be working there again.

Besides school not too much has happened, other than the change of price for gas. I can’t wait for next semester to head over to England to study abroad. Oh and I some how misplaced a cord I need for my camera to get my photos onto my computer, so hopefully I find that soon….and how could I forgot my sister got engaged this summer! I am so excited and am so glad Thomas will be joining the family!

Until Later. Xxx




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