Surprise Trip to Switzerland

Okay this took me wayyyy too long to finally write.

But here goes!

On May 13th I was able to fly to Switzerland to surprise papi(aka my dad). The best part, he had NO IDEA! First let me lay some background first.

Soo, sometime in February my dad’s health was getting really bad. He was in the hospital because one day he had trouble walking and seeing. Being so far away away from him and not knowing what was going to happen made it really hard to live. Sleep, peace, and God were hard to find during this time. Some days my family and I would hear good updates and some days they were bad, you never knew what to expect, just hoped for the best, still do. My mom and sisters and I were lucky enough to be close to each other during this time, but I can’t imagine what my dad was really feeling and going through without us there. We all wished we could visit him and cheer him up. I was given that chance thanks to a very good friend of mine for setting up a GoFoundMe and to all of those who donated whether I knew them very well or not. I will never be able to express how much joy this brought my family and I. Also, a big thanks from our family to those in Switzerland who check up on our dad and get him to appointments! THANK YOU X100 to everyone!

Now fast-forward to May. A week or so before I was to travel to Switzerland my dad had a really bad episode. From what he said, it was the worst thing he ever experienced…he honestly didn’t think he was going to make it. But thank goodness he did!!

So a good family friend in Switzerland picked me up in the morning at the Zürich Airport. I got there safe and sound except my luggage, which turned up at our house later that evening, thank goodness.

We were ready to surprise my dad, but with our luck he wasn’t home. Finally a few hours later we got a hold of him and I was able to surprise him! Joy and relief were in the air! Happiness was written all over our faces!

The next two weeks were filled with lots of good ice cream, landscaping, hikes, friends, and more food. It was awesome to be able to talk in person and go on adventures with papi again. I even got to drive quite a bit for the first time in Switzerland! I call this an accomplishment since roads are smaller, tons of roundabouts(I love them!), more cars, and aggressive drivers. Being able to use my German was another great highlight! While I got to visit old friends I was also able to show one of my first visitors from America around Switzerland. And by the end of the trip we had eaten so much Swiss ice cream we thought we were going to explode ha!

This trip really made me realize how much of our support my dad needed, even still now to help him get through this hard time. The muscles on his left side of his body are smaller than his right. I could never tell this by looking at him before, but now I can. Many people don’t think he is sick, because he doesn’t really look sick. This makes it hard for the doctors to believe my dad, which makes us all frustrated. They keep doing tests, but don’t find anything. And when they do this for awhile they just start to say either they don’t know what is wrong or there is nothing wrong, you are just saying all of this, it’s all in your head. It is the most frustrating thing in the world to see your dad in pain and not be able to do anything, but pray. Prayers for the doctors to find answers and to lessen my dad’s pain are much appreciated!

To end on a happy note, this time with my dad was something I will treasure forever and I know he will too! It was so hard to leave, because we are a close family and want to be there for each other through the ups and downs.

Also, if anyone ever wants to go to Switzerland I would be happy to be your tour guide!:)

Until Later. Xxx


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