You never know what God has in store for you.

God works in mysterious ways. Seriously, I am beyond flabbergasted as to how He works. A lot of times I don’t see a lot of what He does coming my way. A lot of times I am so concentrated as to when and how I think God will make something happen that I don’t realize God is already working in my life. He has His own way of showing He is here right now, He never leaves us.

I don’t know about you, but I have trouble staying consistent in my faith. What I mean by this is I will start doing devotions daily, but then I will forget one day and then that turns into 5 days then more than a week. I love spending time with God, it is just hard for me to always make time for Him. Which in reality I feel like it shouldn’t. No matter what my all time go to is and will always be prayer.

Since I have started college I have been trying to find THE CHURCH. You know the one that makes you feel welcome and is your place to be with God and connect with the community. The one that makes you feel at home. I miss being in Sunday School because that was one of my times where I could really expand my knowledge on God and the Bible. I miss helping with church events and being with the little kids. I miss being apart of a church community. It is so hard to find that one.

But once you do it is amazing! At the same time you can’t forget to reach out to the church yourself. Someone is not always going to come up to you and hand you what you want. You have to work for what you need and want. With the help of God it makes it easier, knowing someone is always there rooting for you.

This blog post took an unexpected but good turn for me. As I was titling this blog post I named it appreciation due to circumstances that have popped up recently. But, as I started writing I think I just needed to lay down how I have been feeling spiritually. And that is I have been feeling spiritually dry or something like that. I am not too sure how to explain it. Since this summer I have felt somewhat disconnected from God, which I absolutely hate and honestly don’t understand why I am feeling this way. It is getting better, but what I think a lot of it is, is that I miss the church community and helping there. Being surrounded by godly people, knowing they believe what you believe. Being able to grow in God. I am also wanting answers from God, but I feel like I never hear Him answer back about the one thing I am asking for clarity on. It is frustrating.

I know patience is key. To keep learning and talking to God.

How do you guys make time for God? Let me know.

Until Later. Xxx

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