So it’s 1am…

As you can tell it is currently 1 am……which is being wisely spent by listening to one of my favorite Pandora Stations: 90s, 2000s, Today’s Hits Radio. Thank goodness to my sister, Julia, for introducing this station to me! Right now Every Morning by Sugar Ray is playing!

This last Friday I found out I am going to be a SOC next fall semester!! I was beyond excited to discover I am going to be part of this cool group! Now SOC means Student Orientation Counselor. Some of the things we do are helping the new students during Welcome Week have a great transition from home/highschool to college. We also help teach a class called FYE(First Year Experience) for the first semester to our assigned SOC group. This is just some of the so called “activities” we will be part of.

On Saturday my grandma and sister, Julia, came to visit me. Since we are on Spring Break at the moment and Kise is closed, my grandma was kind enough to buy me groceries! I am beyond thankful for that, now I won’t keel over from starvation! 😉 Anyways, we spent a good amount of time at Wal-Mart finding groceries. Julia and I were then treated to lunch at Applebee’s with Grandma! We went back to my dorm and lounged around a bit, but then it was time for them to depart.

After they left I went outside with two of my best friends, Alyssia and Simon. Weather this nice we had to soak up before bipolar Minnesota was going to switch things up again. We decided to head to the nearby park.

To switch topics real quick, you may be wondering, “Why is she staying in the dorms over Spring Break instead of spending some time at home?” Well I’m glad you asked! We have this program called Tri-College that allows you to attend more than one college at the price of your main college…..if that makes sense. I go to MSUM and am able to attend German at Concordia since we don’t have German courses at MSUM. Concordia is a private school, so our vacations tend to be at different times. So homework and classes over Spring it is for me….

But anyways! Sunday I spent the day sleeping, eating, doing homework, enjoying the weather, and cleaning my dorm. All in all my weekend was a success. I’ll have to update my Spring Break in a different Blog. I have come to realize this one has gotten rather lengthy…..compared to my other posts anyway ha! On a positive note, I finished it before 2am!

Goodnight Y’all!(we really know I’m not going to bed right now)


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