Sometimes life brings you mountains to climb or oceans to cross. Which reminds me of a very valuable verse found in the Bible.

 Isaiah 58:11

“If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.”

I believe that what God brings us to and through develops us as a person emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Everyday I thrive to further my faith, but fail to stay consistent. In a way that makes me more determined to follow God and grow within my faith. Days when I don’t spend time with God I can tell a change in my mood and the way I act, and let me tell you it’s not a good change. My heart aches to spend time with God to refuel my spirit.

It hurts me everyday when I see my friends and family living without God. Or if they have accepted God they don’t live what they preach. This saddens me so. I care so deeply for my friends and family and knowing what they are missing out on, kills me. I want them to feel what I feel with God. YOU are worth MORE than you THINK!


Take this photo for example. We may get stuck in a “foggy” place in our lives with obstacles a plenty. But once you get out of that “foggy” place look what is on the other side!! Sunshine and new wonders to be found. It may take time to get out of that “foggy” place. Trust me in the end it is worth it to see the other side. Do NOT give up! I know you got this! God is always there waiting for you. He never leaves us, even when we do.



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