New Semester….New Me?


Sorry for the long wait, life just got caught up with me.

Christmas break was wonderfully spent in Switzerland with my family. We had some good adventures, including having to walk down the Riggi partially in the forest in the dark without flashlights. Luckily we found a fake candle near a church to help guide our way back. God was there with us for sure!
I filled up on Swiss chocolate and food in general. I enjoyed the warm weather and spending time with my family and friends. It was also great to be able to speak some Swiss-German once again!
If you ever want to talk about Switzerland let me know! 🙂

I’ve been back to college about a month now. Math is kicking me in the butt as usual. I mean who needs imaginary numbers!? I do enjoy my small class of 4 for German, never leave feeling sad. International Relations is very interesting, but if a professor talks more then 30-45mins I tend to (almost) fall asleep. Astronomy is cool, even though I have to leave 10mins early each time. CSIS(Spreadsheet&Database) isn’t too bad except for some of the graders.
So is there a “new me?” No. Of course I try to improve myself each day, but I’m still my crazy self!

I hope to update each week! Pester me if I don’t!



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